RAVNA d.o.o.
51314 Ravna Gora
I.G.Kovacica 178

T +385 51 - 818 - 449  
 F +385 51 - 818 - 522

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  1. Email: ravna@ravna.hr


Manufacture of massive wooden edge glued panels is our main production activity.
We produce finger joint panels and one ply laminated panels of 18-65 mm in thickness,
out of beech, oak, maple, chestnut, cherry, ash and other types of wood.


As part of our production activities, we make commissioned furniture and manufacture tables, table components, beds and other elements of furniture. We also manufacture staircase components (treads, handrails, balusters etc.)





FSC - The mark of responsible forestryRavna d.o.o. all products are made from wood from the forests managed in compliance with strict environmental and economical standards, and thus fulfill criteria for FSC® certificate.


Ravna d.o.o. is structured to satisfy the highest standards of quality on a daily basis. We are flexible in meeting the needs of our customers, prompt in our deliveries and maintain maximum control of the production process at same time.